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by Rosa Bohorquez and Maria Jesus Montes
Sunday, December 15, 1996





"Paths on the way towards the art of Caracas"



     For your eyes and your spirit,today could be

a special day. And it will be, without a doubt, if

you get going to visit the exhibitions that fill the museums and galleries of the city, where you will be able to encounter varied aesthetic proposals raised by artists who look for the projection of an ancient road: the one of art. There are different paths and, to help you decide, El Nacional approaches four proposals by the hand of their own creators. […]


      In the Museum Jacobo Borges, “Point of explosion” has been presented, a confluence of sculptures, carvings and assemblies of the young artist, Jesús Alberto Erminy. In this exhibition that the creator has developed over the past six years, animal-shaped figures are prominent. Not in vain, Erminy, an electronic engineering graduate, recognizes that his efforts are oriented towards the conservation of the planet and the ecology.

"My works are quite smooth and have a sense of humor. This collection summarizes the work from my beginnings, so there are as many small, elaborate pieces as others of a larger format in bone, wood and stone. I am very self-taught. Whoever comes to see this work will be very impressed by the assemblage—that it is a beauty focused on the pieces and, like the entirety of the exhibition, has a very happy feeling to it. I am trying to impart that we all come from the same creator, and that this creative energy is ever-present."

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