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 "Rebirth of Matter" as a proyect

It aims to stimulate ecological and humanist awareness, that has diminished in humans by the excesses of consumption, by the individuality, by the loss of the universal vision. I do my work from these discarded materials, by oblivion, by the use, by the loss of validity, or simply going to be garbage. The main axis of this manifestation is timelessness, rebirth of matter, the continuity and the urgency to awaken the sync with the planet. I wish to convey as everything is related in a field of materialized energy, where a variation in any status causes changes in your environment, influencing both the individual and the environment. Whether at the atomic level, cell, human and universal level. Therefore it is important that be understand how it affects the environment, causing irreversible changes.Through my artistic proposal I want to generate an attitude, a positive feeling, an action that inspires to be environmental, ecological, humanistic, call you with my proposal to be a creative spark in the cosmos with everything that we have, that we are. Taking action together in the care of our ecosystem. Ecology share codes of love... thank you for the opportunity to share our essence, thank you.

Web Links

Libro de Masaru Emoto para niños.

La influencia de las emociones en el agua.

 Presentación de diapositivas sobre el

Dr. Emoto Masaru del Mensaje del agua


Crea tu Dia - Ramtha (Español)


(pelicula completa con audio en español)

Dr. Cuantum

Experimento de la Doble Ranura




Dr. Jose M. Villagrasa

Dr. Cuantum

Experimento de la Doble Ranura


Teoria Cuantica, Documentl

Dr. Brian Green

Some Bibliographic Refernces

Libro " La Naturaleza del Cosmos"

Prof. Jacques de Mahie


Written on Stone,  Alessandro Talamonti

Written on Stone, 

Alessandro Talamonti

El gran diseño de Stephen Hawking

El gran diseño

Stephen Hawking


El Libro de la Mutaciones

Richard Wilhelm

Dioses en el Desempleo, Dr. Jose M. Villagrasa

Dioses en el Desempleo

Dr. Jose M. Villagrasa

Nuevos pensamientos para una vida mejor

Wayne W. Dyer

El Tao de la Paz Interior

Dianne Dreher

Las 7 Leyes Espirituales del Exito

Deepak Chopra

Muchas vidas, muchos sabios

Brian Weiss.


Richar Bach

La Vida Secreta de las Plantas

Peter Tompkins y Christopher Bird.

Vida sin condiciones

Deepak Chopra

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