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from 1996-97 with the exposition

"Point of Explotion" in the Museum  "Jacobo Borges"

till today



Renaixement de la Matèria, claustre of the Carmen.

Athenaeum Literary, Scientific and Artistic of Maó, the Maó Town Hally and the market place of menorca


Matter Rebirth, Hotel rural Alcaufar Vell, menorca.


Ecology for PREDATORS collective ecological art, Venezuelan Association of plastic artists, headquarters of the Venezuelan Association of plastic artist (AVAP) Sunday, November 30

Hispanic Heritage Doral 2014 Exhibit, On behalf of the City of Doral Mayor and Council in conjunction with the Cultural Affairs Advisory Board (CAAB), City of Doral Government Center September 18 - 26, 2014, Miami, USA

2ª Nit d´Art, 60 artists work live on the streets of Mao,

Athenaeum literary, scientific and artistic of Mao and the city of Maó, Menorca, 3 September

3ª Contemporary creation Festival of Menorca "Pronostica", room exhibition Clautre del Carmen, Maó, Menorca, 17 al 28 August

Fosquets d'Art, art goes to street, 9 i 10 August, Ferreria, Menorca
SA LLesca, Sa Llesca Art, summer 2014 llesca Maó, Menorca
Hotel Alcaufar vell, dinner with art, summer 2014. Sant Lluís, Menorca. Spain
Gallery is Pati, the Cocktail Bar, collective, Mahon, Menorca


Mencion Honrifia in the V biennial of sculpture strokes Bull Tibetan Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.

Nit d´Art, 60 artists work live on the streets of Mao,

Athenaeum literary, scientific and artistic of Mao and the city of Maó, Menorca

Contemporary creation Festival of Menorca "Pronostica", room exhibition Clautre del Carmen, Maó, Menorca

ReciclArte, In the street show, Ses Moreres St., Mao. El Cultural Association Scientific, Literary y Artistic in conjunction with the City Council of Mao Menorah, Spain. 16 of July until the  28 of August.

Menorca Art Gallery, permanent online exhibition.


Gallery  Vidrart, grup show, Ciudadella, Menorca, Spain, Permanent.

Gallery  Es-Pati Cocktail Bar, Mahon Menorca, Spain.  June 19n to September 30




Jesus Alberto Erminy, Exhibition: Gallery Tres3Tres, Port Mahon, Menorca, Spain.


ReciclArte,   traveling exhibitions,  IVIC,   Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigation, Showroom, Pan-American Highway, Edo. Miranda, Venezuela. November 23 to December 4.

Tres3Tres Gallery,  collective,  Port Mahón, Menorca Spain.

Photograph contest of the “Fiestas de Gracia”, Claustre del Carme, Menorca, Spain.

Recycle, individual retrospective Recycling Week, University Simon Bolivar, Sartaneja, Caracas, Venezuela. 20 works. May 15 to November 15.


Expomix, Group Show, Cultural house,  El Hatillo, Caracas,  Venezuela.

Salon Yaracuy, Museum Yaracuy, Edo. Yaracuy, Venezuela.


Project “Humming Bird," Six-year analysis of the flying humming bird, represented in different techniques.

Project “Drawer Art," work of art done in drawers.

Project “Heart," photo compendium of hearts manifested in different reliefs and materials with poems.

Project “Scale Models" diverse designs and scale models.

Project “Endless Bulls" bulls made in iron.

IX Biennial Salvador Valero of Popular Art.

FIA2007, Socieven. Latin-American Art Fair, Caracas, Venezuela.


My Venezuela, Galeria DíARTE, Caracas, Venzuela.

International Festival of Radical Communication, Slovenska cesta 55 b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Recollectors, Architecture and Art Center, GIACCOF Center, Caracas, Venezuela.

II Biennial of Sculpture, Gallery Trazos, Centro Lido.

Restlessness: Awake and Shut Up, Galeria DíARTE.

20 Linear Points, Galeria DíARTE, Group Show.

Workshop “El Saman," Caracas, Venezuela, Group Show.

Galería DíARTE, Group Show.

TransACCION III: Galeria San Francisco, Caracas, Venezuela.

Fascination: Gallery Graphycart, Caracas, Venezuela. Group Show.

Happening: Galeria DíARTE.

Matter Reborn: Gallery Graphycart. Individual Show, 24 pieces.


TransACCION II: Galeria San Francisco, Caracas, Venezuela.

Galeria DíARTE: San Juan Bosco Avenue, Altamira, Venezuela, Group Show.

III Hall of Visual Art DYCVENSA: “Warm Spaces" Gallery of the Caracas Athenian.

Major Art and Words Contest: Museum “Cruz Diez," Culture Ministry, CONAC.

TransACCION: “The Space" Gallery and the Central Bank of the Condor, Venezuela.

Third Biennial of Plastic Arts USB: Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.

VIII Biennial Salvador Valero of Popular Art: Museum “Salvador Valero," Trujillo, Venezuela.


Gallery 5: Tolon Mall, Venezuela.

Mega Exposition: Museum “Alejandro Otero Silva," Venezuela.

1st Exposition of Plastic Art: Dr. Perez Carrezo Hospital, Venezuela.


Second Biennial of Art, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.

ARTEsania: National Ministry of Art CONAC, Museum of Popular Art of Petare.

Art Show to benefit the homeless from “La Guairaî" tragedy. Two donated pieces.


Museum  of Popular Art of  Petare,  ARTEsanía, Dirección Nacional de Artesanía del CONAC.


Biennale of Cumaná ,Cumaná Contemporary Art Museum, , State Sucre, Venezuela.

Entre Analogías y Contrastes”, Caracas´s Government “Individual,   Exposition room of the Government, Caracas, Venezuela.

1996- 1997

Los Diablos de Yare, Museo Casa Bolívar, Yare, Estado Aragua, Venezuela. May 24 through 31  Mayo.

Punto de Explosión,  Museo Jacobo Borges, Individual, Mi Primera Exposición, Caracas, Venezuela. From 8 de December 1996 to 2 de February  1997


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