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He combines his Imagination with Animal Bones

      To enter the house of Jesus Alberto Erminy is to be transported to another world, where bones, pens, stones, wood and an endless supply of materials are combined to give form to the most exotic, peculiar and varied figures, that summon up life under the enchantment of their creator.

      Each corner of the house is adorned with one of his works, from a small caiman to an enormous diver, Paul and she, the photographer and others, pass by an elephant, a witch, the “Terminator.”

      Each piece seduces the viewer, who cannot play favorites because each one is special and unique, besides causing different emotions and sensations. Once seen, they would be really difficult to forget.

      Jesus Alberto is a youngster of thirty-one years of age who graduated, in Boston, United States with a degree in Electronic Engineering.  Upon his return to Venezuela, he worked for various companies before deciding to start his own business, an insurance agency, along with his father and some other partners, but he soon thereafter left to dedicate himself to his artistic work.

      Where did the idea for this type of work come from?

"I began making earrings, and while looking for bones I found a protective armored Colonial Spanish chest plate. I began to manipulate it and a figure appeared to me."

You imagine the figure and then make it?

"I generally see a bone that looks like it could be something and then I later find a form for it. Mostly I see the form that I associate with something and I manipulate the figure."

What do you do to prepare the bone pieces?

"Some times I have need to cut the bones or mold them, but I have never carved them."

Have you ever had difficulty forming a piece?

"No, usually it’s like the they fall out of the sky. Sometimes I have to sand them with sandpaper."

Why bones?

"I started with the bones, but by the same search to make something orginal I have used feathers, stones, seeds, seaweed, corals, bamboo, plastic, glass, wood and trash; although I like bones the most."

Where do you find them?

"I have collected bones at our beach house. I have brought others from Gran Sabana, from El Llano and from Puerto La Cruz. Perhaps I will go to Coro, where I am told there have plenty."

Consider that since he was young he was allowed to expand his imagination and has since led “a very cool life.”

Do your surroundings influence your work?

"The life that I have chosen has enough influence."

What are you trying to accomplish?

"To try to reach people. In principle, I was not interested, but I have made many figures. The recognitions are for other people and for my family, although one always wants fame and to be recognized," he said.

This young artist is participating in the Biennial of Merida II with two works. So far he hopes to receive offers to show his pieces and perhaps to sell them.

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