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       Jesús Alberto Erminy Correa



is a contemporary artist, self-taught, precursor of the work of art with recycled materials, marked since his youth by the humanist philosophy inculcated by his father, Santos Erminy, and by the environmentalist thought.


He started in the art world in the 1980s, while studying electronic engineering in Boston, manufacturing handmade jewellery, drawings and paintings with a wide variety of materials. After graduating and already working as an engineer, he begins to create fantastic figures with fish bones. It is at this time that his devotion to the sculptural form awakens in him.


He leaves his profession to devote himself fully to artistic creation. He initiates himself into the use of all kinds of waste materials such as plastics, bones, metals, wood, stones, objects, car parts, etc., and learns the necessary techniques to process different materials, whose experience resulted in his own techniques used in his works.


He made his debut at the Jacobo Borges Museum in Venezuela with his exhibition "Punto de Explosión" in 1996. Since then he has exhibited both individually and collectively in museums, galleries and cultural spaces, presenting sketches of zoomorphic sculptural pieces, conceptual works and social works, with recycled materials, wood and carved stone.

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